Cobalt Lend 1st Approved Loan Proposal

Cobalt Lend 1st Approved Loan Proposal

Cobalt Lend is proud to announce that we have officially funded our first small business through community vote (Beta Program with select invitees). Taylor Haskamp at Cannabis Commerce USA is the first recipient of a micro-loan to be processed through the Cobalt Lend Ecosystem using crypto assets as collateral. This is a brand-new way of lending enabled by the blockchain and Cobalt Lend has taken the first steps to put small businesses back in charge of their own finances in this economically difficult time, while allowing Cobalt community members to profit from participating in this ecosystem.

This will be the first loan of many to come in the foreseeable future. In 2021 Cobalt Lend will start launching more proposals within the user dashboard that will be open to all community members to vote on and share in profits. Currently this is a closed beta program with just a few small businesses in the pipeline awaiting approval. With the success of these loan proposals in the beta program we will continue to grow the treasury and fund more projects, therefore rewarding more participants of the Cobalt Lend ecosystem with passive income.

Anyone can come and be a part of a real ecosystem that promotes profit sharing in its simplest form. Vote on the projects that you believe deserve funding and help protect the ecosystem from ones that do not deserve funding, all by VOTING!

Learn how it all works:

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Company Name: Cannabis Commerce USA (


Owner Name: Taylor Haskamp

Borrower: Taylor Haskamp

Residence: Loveland Ohio


Social Media:

Business Model: Cannabis Commerce is the one-stop place to buy CBD products for both medicinal and recreational use. The borrowers plan is to develop in phases: 1st launching the website consisting of a minimum 10 brands on the platform within the first year of business. These brands will be from nationwide partners consisting of small-town people across our great nation. Hemp growers collaborating and bringing to market their own products in a unique way under our “umbrella brand”.

2nd Phase will be to build out an actual “Brick & Motor” location in downtown Cincinnati Ohio to serve as a corporate headquarters in a much-needed supervisory capacity for the retail location currently being built out in Loveland Ohio and for future locations well.

P&L: (See Details inside user dashboard @

Current Financials: (See Details inside user dashboard @

Tax Documents: (See Details inside user dashboard @

Tax ID: (See Details inside user dashboard @

Amount Borrowed: $37,500.00

Loan Repayment Terms: 3 Years FIX (See Details inside user dashboard @

Interest Rate: 6.39% / 3.39 Redistributed back to original voters — 3% back to treasury

Loan ID: CL420–999Az36510

Collateral: (1.1) BTC & Other Assets (LOCKED Nov. 30, 2020 -See Details inside user dashboard @

Borrower CBLT Wallet Address: 0x13B389B0AC387811BB891b5885A642bBF2a1649B

Vote status: APPROVED

Votes: 462 to Approve / 123 to Deny

Profit Sharing For Voters: (See Details inside user dashboard @

Taylor Haskamp

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