Cobalt Lend Quick Updates 2022

3 min readJan 9, 2022


Cobalt Lend a DeFi Protocol & Launchpad

Cobalt Lend began as a lending protocol and the project has been busy building in the background for a couple of years now. As development has progressed, so too has the role that Cobalt Lend has in the crypto community. The team is still working diligently on their lending protocol and also taken a position as advisors and a launch pad for various other projects. There’s a lot to discuss so it’s time for some update on where the project is, what they’re up to, and what they plan for the coming year.

The team behind Cobalt Lend has been working diligently on their decentralized lending protocol governed by community vote and driven by AI credit analysis. This process began on the Ethereum network but the obstacles that particular chain is facing right now with ever increasing gas fees has made it difficult to continue building on that chain. Currently Ethereum continues facing this problem of gas fees increasing and causing longer than normal transaction times. It’s because of those issues that Cobalt Lend has decided to move their contracts to the Binance Smart Chain. By using BSC, the team will be able to implement their oracle and voting capabilities without worrying about incurring massive costs like they faced when building on the ETH network.

As the team has been working to complete their project milestones, they’ve also stepped up to be strategic advisors to other projects. Namely, Cobalt Lend assists projects that are coming into the NULS SCO Platform. They’ve helped to create and structure whitepapers, offered marketing and media advice, helped the projects find and secure funding, and have allowed projects to continually use the Cobalt team as guidance for an example of how their teams can be made stronger and how their projects can move forward.

2022 will be a huge year for Cobalt Lend. In addition to helping launch some specific projects like Vibook launch a presale on our partner platform, Cobalt lend will be adding the highlights below to the existing roadmap.

Staking, Farming, & Trading of the BSC Cobalt Token on Ninjaswap (Active)

Paradox Realm an NFT game minting on Solana will mint GEN2 in January / February

Swap of ERC20 Cobalt Token For BSC Cobalt Token (Active)

Staking contract change / update on NULS SCO Platform (TBD In-Progress)

Addition Liquidity Pools set up on PancakeSwap for BSC Cobalt Token in March

Completion of Contraction Migration from ETH to BSC (TBD In-Progress)

Completion of the Cobalt Lending Protocol & DEX (TBD In-Progress)

AI analysis of credit data linked to real word ID implemented in NFT (TBD In-Progress)

Expansion of the Cobalt Marketing Department (In-Progress)

Complete overhaul of & (TBD In-Progress)

Formation of with partner 8bit Gaming (TBD In-Progress)

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Borrowing and lending on the blockchain all community driven by vote


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