Cobalt Lend Updates Dec 9, 2020

The incorporation of the MetaMask into the Cobalt Lend ecosystem.

We have successfully incorporated MetaMask into the Cobalt Lend Platform to verify that you are a holder of Cobalt tokens (under secure LogIn) & it will allow you to vote and sign proposals within the ecosystem. With this cool new feature, you can also use it to log in or create an account with us. When you use MetaMask to create an account or log in, you no longer need to provide any identifying information (Name, email, password etc.). If you own the Cobalt tokens, you will have full rights within the entire ecosystem.

Right now, this feature is only available for the PC, mobile coming soon.

How to purchase Cobalt tokens.

The best way to buy your Cobalt Tokens is directly from our website using the MetaMask checkout at the bottom of the token sale page.

When you buy your Cobalt Tokens in pre-sale (Cobalt Lend Token price during presale is .05 usdt.) directly from our website, we have a repayment model set up for all early investors. All early investors get a 50% return on their cryptocurrency used to purchase the Cobalt token within the first year, while getting to keep their Cobalt Tokens to do with as they please (Example: if you spend 2 ETH you will get 1 ETH back within a year). We suggest using those Cobalt Tokens to “Stake” with us and earn passive income that is paid out monthly.

Update to listing pairs on DEXs’ launching after Dec. 23rd

Cobalt Lend Operated & Maintained

Uniswap: CBLT / ETH

APPROVED Community Member Operated & Maintained:


Many More to come! Sign up today to run your own liquidity pool and get paid by Cobalt Lend as well!



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