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3 min readOct 3, 2021


Cobalt Lend 4th 2021 Quarter Update

Cobalt has become the glue that holds the NULS SCO ecosystem together! What is meant by that; is that it takes a multifaceted team like Cobalt to organize all the partners in the back end and keep the ecosystem working together to benefit not only the projects themselves, but also the end client who uses the application we provide.

Cobalt is now entering the fourth quarter of 2021 and it has been a productive year for us! Here is some our most recent updates current developments:
1) We have made the full integration into the NULS blockchain and ecosystem, along with consolidating SCO partners to build together more efficiently. Our NRC Token (nCBLT) that is pegged 1:1 to our ERC20 (CBLT) is the main driving force of this ecosystem. We have halted major use of the ERC20 token due to excessive gas fees on the Ethereum Network and will be focusing our efforts to build out the decentralized treasury governed by community vote across multiple chains instead to allow for true scalability
2) We have partnered with to bring NFT artist to the spotlight with our very supportive launchpad
3) We are setting up “credit card” processing with NFTCircle so customer can buy nCBLT tokens directly from the platform with credit or debit as well as being to actually buy and sell NFT art on the platform with nCBLT Tokens
4) Cobalt is currently in negotiations / development of a “Stable Coin” pegged to the US dollar for the NULS ecosystem. This “stable coin” will be collateralized by a basket of assets from cooperating SCO partners and is schedule for release soon!
5) Liquidity for trading is now being set up on the NULS blockchain with our partners NULSWAP and Nabox and should start trading before the end of 2021
6) Farming and staking of the nCBLT token is being currently integrated into NULSWAP and should be available before the end of 2021
7) Nabox is now the official wallet of the nCBLT token — download if for Chrome or mobile from the google play store.
8) Our Tokenomics have been updated and can be found here
9) Cobalt is proud to announce that we are helping kick start ParadoxRealm, an interactive NFT game experience set in the metaverse that will be launching before the end of 2021
10) Started the SMP platform
11) Started our first NFT Collection to help benefit a charity with the help of various social media promoters (Below is example of upcoming charities)




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