Introducing The Cobalt Card

Introducing The Cobalt Card

A new way to spend crypto and earn crypto rewards!

Introducing the Cobalt Debit Card

The Cobalt Card does everything any other debit or credit card can do, and a whole lot more. It works like a regular debit card issued by your traditional bank except issued to you by your account especially for cryptocurrency. Once you receive your card, you simply add funds to your Cobalt Card through the Cobalt Card section inside your mobile dashboard, and you are all set. It is as simple as transferring CBLT from one wallet to another. Your card will then use this balance for your card payments and automatically deduct all expenses from the balance every time you make payment. The Cobalt Card will be accepted by more than 48 million merchants offline and online in 200 regions and territories throughout the world, which makes shopping with your cryptocurrency even easier than ever before!

Paying the bill at your favorite restaurant, shopping for new clothes, or just paying your bills, the Cobalt Card works for all this. Now you no longer need to sell your crypto to cover your expenses and bills, with the Cobalt Card you can convert instantly, and spend only what you need to make that particular payment.

How do I get my very own Cobalt Card?

We are currently releasing the Cobalt Card in a beta version, and we aim to make it available globally to all new and existing Cobalt Lend users within the next few months.

To be eligible for early sign up for the Cobalt Card you must be a legacy Investor in the current token sale spending .25 ETH or more. Only holders of the Cobalt (CBLT) Token will be eligible for the Cobalt Card.

You can register for the Cobalt Card and purchase your minimum amount of CBLT tokens through our Special Cobalt Card sign up page here. We will notify you once the card becomes available in your area. Once you are notified, all you need to do then is activate the Cobalt Card through your user dashboard by logging in to your Cobalt Lend account or registering for a new account (If you don’t already have one), and then complete simple and secure identity verification inside your Cobalt Lend user dashboard.

How do I use the Cobalt Card once it arrives?

All you need to use and control your card comes within the interface of the user dashboard.
The Cobalt Card Dashboard interface allows you to manage your funds, have complete access to card security, and spending with only a few clicks. Once your new card arrives, you need to load it with funds. Just transfer Ethereum or CBLT from your wallet to the Cobalt Card wallet, and you are ready to go (Other crypto assets will be supported soon).

The Cobalt Card User interface inside the Cobalt Lend dashboard will be available soon.

Get the Cobalt Card and spend your crypto anywhere in the world.

Spend crypto

You can spend crypto everywhere Visa® or MasterCard® cards are accepted, any payment terminal, online checkout interface and ATMs’ are also compatible

Earn crypto rewards!

Earn up to 5% back in rewards whenever you make a purchase.

Cobalt Lend charges 2.39% in crypto liquidation fees. There is ONLY one exception to the crypto liquidation fees. If you are using your CBLT balance, there is NOo fee to spend your CBLT using the Cobalt Card.

Cobalt Card has no annual fee or sign-up fee.

Chat and email support

Reach out to us whenever you have a question.

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