ParadoxRealm INO on Liquidifty June 20th 2022

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Play To Earn Just Became REAL!

June 14, 2022

Paradoxian Community

We would like to introduce a new way to game. ParadoxRealm has made play-to-earn real by monetizing the player’s time and not the game itself. The ParadoxRealm team is first building out on the R.A.G.E engine, the team has released their flagship game that is at its core GTA 5 completely modified for “Play to Earn:”. The ParadoxRealm team did this in order to create a unique gangster themed Metaverse where gamers can play the games they already know as the Paradox characters from the Paradox NFT collection. By building the model around the idea that players should be compensated for their time, Paradox Realm will continue to grow their gaming library to include not only RockStar games but also UnReal Engine and console games as well. The next games to be rolled out include Red Dead Redemption and a custom built first person shooter game to be set up as their own metaverse environments. Now that we have started beta testing console games, the possibilities are endless. Now players can earn cryptocurrency for playing the games they already own and have already have been playing.

The INO sale for Paradox Realm starts June 20th 2022. This letter is to let you know a bit about us and encourage you to join the INO sale. This is a project that will revolutionize gaming as we know it and you could be a part of that just by holding one single ParadoxRealm NFT.

Initial NFT Offering (I.N.O) on Liquidifty Launchpad — June 20th through June 23rd 2022
Accepted Currency for sale: BNB / approx ~ $33.00 USD worth of BNB (AMT calculated day of)
LINK to I.N.O.

Advantages to owning ParadoxRealm NFTs
1) Staking for PARA / RYIU / CBLT and eventually PHX (Paid out weekly)
2) Farming & Trading On Ninjaswap & Apeswap
3) Liquidity Mining on Apeswap
4) Cross Chain Staking of NFTs from partner projects
5) DAO rights with individual Meta-environments
6) Staking Multipliers for owning & staking partner NFTs at
7) Access to Learn to Earn Academy (Smart Contract Development)

For More information you can contact us at


The Paradox Team
Cobalt Lend Staff

Important Links:

BSC Scan for PARA Token

Official Partners: Phoenix Blockchain / Kronic Labz / CFG NINJA (Contract Auditing) / 8bit Gaming / RYI Pay / Exiled Apes / Chicken Tribe / APESWAP / Cobalt Lend / C5 Consulting / VIBOOK

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