Updates To the Cobalt Lend Protocol & Road Map

Cobalt Lend — True Financial Independence

What we have accomplished so far

  1. Voting within the ecosystem is Live & working bug free

What we are focused on next

  1. Rolling out an open Beta of our Software Suite that allows users to process credit cards and cryptocurrency transactions in their mobile dashboard

Current Community Count

  1. Registered Users of Cobalt Lend Platform ~ 3K+

Total: Approximately 33K
And Growing Fast!

Join The IEO

The Cobalt Wallet “Open Beta” is now live in your user dashboard with over 40 cryptocurrencies supported along with an atomic swap & exchange function coming soon (Support for Bitcoin also coming soon — see roadmap)

MetaMask & Wallet Connect have also been incorporated into the user dashboard for voting and signing purposes.

Now you can pay for your CBLT Tokens during the Private Sale with MetaMask directly on our website with NO KYC OR AML here

Cobalt Lend is proud to announce the community has voted and we are making our 1st charitable donation to the EFF

A record of the TX Hash can be found here

Donation Update

The Cobalt Lend Road Map has been officially updated and you can view it here
Road Map Update




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Borrowing and lending on the blockchain all community driven by vote